Tallahassee Parkour

Parkour – gravity defying fitness & fun!

Freedom through movement, physical fitness, and self-expression.

Kids & Teens embrace their inner action movie heroes and have a BLAST in these super cool stunt style classes. Flips, running up walls, controlling epic feats of strength...all while getting super fit too.

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A Secret Formula of Stuntmen, Martial Artists, & Elite Athletes...

Parkour is also called free-running. And for good reason.

More dynamic and loose than gymnastics, super fun, and with more life changing oomph than ANY boring old gym routine.

You + Movement + Exploration = FUN FITNESS

It’s truly a way of life - being able to move your body in ways most can only dream of.

When stripped down to its bare elements, Parkour is FREEDOM. It’s JOY. It’s LOVE of your body and all the amazing things it can do!

Kids have a blast rolling and climbing while unleashing the combined forces of agility, speed, and power! It’s fun, challenging, and deeply rewarding.


The basics of Parkour are rooted in French Military Obstacle Courses! How’s that for fun, functional fitness at its finest?

The Goal: get from one point of the room to another by using ONLY your body! And do it fast!

Through these fast-paced, full on functional classes your child will also improve...

Hand to Eye Coordination

Critical Thinking Skills

Strength, Agility, Speed, Stamina

And so much more!

Kids roll, jump, flip, and defy gravity as they fly through the air and boost confidence. All in a safe and controlled environment under expert supervision.


Parkour is physically and mentally demanding...and a perfect starting point for building true grit.

No matter what your kid’s starting level is, they will benefit from better body control, a boost in positive body image, and an increase in balance, strength & coordination.

Some AMAZING rewards of training parkour:

Building blocks to a healthy life - thank to movement keeping joints flexible, muscles strong, and creating habits of activity

Insane body control - power, agility, balance, and stamina that can be taken into other sports as well!

Mental Toughness - enhanced problem solving, repetition, and increased confidence by pushing through tough training times. True grit!

Self-respect & “superhuman” skills - while your kids friends are playing baseball, your child will be learning mind-blowing skills that would make Spiderman jealous! They’ll definitely stand out from the crowd!

Community and family support - the parkour community is INCREDIBLY supportive, loyal, and motivating! Traceurs, trickers, free-runners...out of all the wild nicknames for Parkour Practitioners they usually just call each other FAMILY.

These skills and rewards will transfer well into adulthood as your children prepare themselves mentally for all of life’s challenges. Fit body, fit mind, fit life!

Expert Instructors Guide Your Child Every Step of the Way

Freeing your body and mind, climbing and jumping, embracing true freedom of movement like life has no limitations sounds amazing, but...

“Can my child get hurt?” Great question!

All students learn the basics before EVER being approved for advanced classes. And our instructors are there to answer all questions, correct form, and motivate in a healthy and positive way. They have the experience, training, and know-how to make sure all movements are executed in the safest way possible.

We’re passionate about Parkour and take every measure possible to make sure your child goes home happy, SWEATY, and safe.

As with all sports, there is a small risk - but we make sure all students know our strict safety guidelines inside and out. Our goal is to share our passion with you and your family, so you can experience the incredible benefits of Parkour for many years to come.

Get Our Class Schedule, Prices & Web Specials.

*We value your privacy and will never share your information with anyone, ever!

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