Tallahassee Jazzercise

Dance Cardio the workout that tones your hips, thighs, abs, and arms - fast.

Dance Cardio takes real, awesome dance moves... and blends them with full-body workouts for one heck of a great, calorie-melting time.

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One Heck Of a Fun, Slimming Hour.

Hip Hop Cardio has tons of variety. Even though the entire workout is centered around hip hop dancing you'll get more kinds of exercises in 60 minutes than you've likely had in your entire life.

Strength, flexibility, dance, and more come together to get you fit, fast.

Awesome Music. Awesome Moves.

In every class, we play music that fits with the times. Dance your heart out to the latest and greatest music while giving your body the workout it needs.

Plus: The moves are easy to learn. That way you can master them quick, and just focus on moving to the beat.

Low Impact Techniques Protect Your Joints.

Each movement is low impact, meaning your joints don't incur a great amount of force. You won't wake up the next day with your knees "killing you" or your hips feeling on fire.

Instead, your body will feel invigorated and strengthened and more full of life.

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