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About Our Classes and Programs

Kids Martial Arts

For literally thousands of years, Martial Arts have been taught to children around the world. But it's not for the self-defense. It's because Martial Arts help kids grow into great adults. They gain focus, discipline, and confidence in every class.

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Adult Martial Arts

Our Tallahassee Adult Martial Arts classes will get you in great shape, teach you the top techniques for safety and self-defense, and help you feel accomplished, focused, and full of life.

Train like a pro in both armed and unarmed methods of combat through our martial arts classes for anyone who's ever been interested in self-defense, taekwondo, or simply getting fitter. Our community of Tallahassee men and women is extremely welcoming and supportive, helping you finally reach your goals.


If you have any tightness in your muscles... stiffness... or ever wake up with pain in your neck, back, or anywhere else... Prepare to send it all away with these Yoga Classes.

Every class is packed with soothing stretches and exercises to help you relieve tension and pain, build lean muscle mass, and calm your mind. After all, the breathing and relaxation of yoga fills your life with an inner-peace that's hard to come by anywhere else.


In a nutshell, Pilates is what happens when you take the most powerful elements from yoga, personal training, and meditation. In fact, every calorie-burning movement you do in Pilates contains a mixture of the three. Each motion is designed to provide your body with soothing relief... tone your muscles, and burn fat... and conscious breathing makes you feel calmer and at peace.

The result is a workout that doesn't leave your body aching. In fact, your body will feel better after each class than when you arrived. Your mind and heart will feel calm, peaceful, and settled. And after just a couple weeks, you'll be pounds lighter too.


Think American Ninja Warrior. You’ll get incredibly fit as you run, climb, swing & move in every way possible through obstacle courses. Challenge every part of yourself as you push past your limits & accomplish the seemingly impossible!

Our THRILLING classes inspire athletic and interpersonal growth. Physical & mental strength, agility, balance & confidence are yours.


Dance those calories right off your body with these amazing dance cardio classes! Perform awesome moves to the latest hits as you sculpt your body from head to toe.

These classes are FUN. In fact, you'll have so much fun you'll forget you're burning up to 700+ calories too. Boost your energy, sculpt your body, build balance and coordination - and have a blast. Click now to get started!

Birthday Parties

Martial Arts Birthday Parties are loved not only by kids... but by parents, too. Why? Because we do a lot of work to ensure your child has an AMAZING time - while you get to relax! You're welcome to help out as much as you'd like, but you can also hang back and enjoy the company of your friends and family.

Your child will love the party, too. In fact, kids rave about these things for months after they happen. But because of this our martial arts birthday party schedule fills up fast! Call now to secure your spot.

About Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee, FL. Tallahassee is the capital of the U.S. state of Florida. It is the county seat and only incorporated municipality in Leon County. Tallahassee became the capital of Florida, then the Florida Territory, in 1824. In 2016, the population was 190,894, making it the 7th-largest city in the U.S state of Florida, and the 126th-largest city in the United States. The population of the Tallahassee metropolitan area was 379,627 as of 2016. Tallahassee is the largest city in the Florida Panhandle region, and the main center for trade and agriculture in the Florida Big Bend and Southwest Georgia regions. Tallahassee is home to Florida State University, ranked the nation's thirty-third best public university by U.S. News & World Report. It is also home to Florida A&M University, the fifth-largest historically black university by total enrollment. Tallahassee Community College is a large state college that serves mainly as a feeder school to Florida State and Florida A&M. Tallahassee qualifies as a significant college town, with a student population exceeding 70,000. As the capital, Tallahassee is the site of the Florida State Capitol, Supreme Court of Florida, Florida Governor's Mansion, and nearly 30 state agency headquarters. The city is also known for its large number of law firms, lobbying organizations, trade associations and professional associations, including the Florida Bar and the Florida Chamber of Commerce. It is a recognized regional center for scientific research, and home to the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. In 2015, Tallahassee was awarded the All-American City Award by the National Civic League for the second time. Tallahassee is currently ranked as the 18th-best college town in the nation by Best College Reviews.

Tallahassee, FL, with surrounding areas in Thomasville, Bradfordville, Cairo, Quincy, or Havana, is home to Killearn Lakes TaeKwonDo, a Martial Arts facility focusing on programs in Kids Martial Arts, Adult Martial Arts, Yoga, Pilates, Parkour, Jazzercise, and Birthday Parties.